DIGITAL GRINDHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT is home to the films of Jeff Chitty (aka CHITTY) and is dedicated to the production and digital distribution of original independent exploitation and Grindhouse cinema!

Some things will be changing around here soon, but for now you can still rent or purchase my first 2 feature films ROADKILL and SURVIVE! on our VOD page, and you can still watch some full length original movies, grindhouse and drive in classics and short films for FREE on my youtube channel THE DIGITAL GRINDHOUSE CHANNEL!
I am also working on some DIGITAL GRINDHOUSE RETRO videos and playlists over at our DAILYMOTION page. Eventually there should be a grindhouse trailer reel and a playlist of WEIRD SHIT free for your viewing pleasure.
Check them out.

A lot is in the works right now, including SLEEPLESS NIGHTS (featuring my segment NIGHT DRIVE), WORLD OF DEATH (featuring my segment THE MATCHMAKER).

Sleepless Nights the Anthology 2016 Trailer from Todd Sheets on Vimeo.

I will also hope to soon be releasing limited edition VHS copies of my first 2 features, ROADKILL and SURVIVE!

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