Just a quick catch up

Just to catch everyone up:

Sorry I have been somewhat MIA, but sometimes life throws obstacles in the way of what we need to accomplish.

I am getting back on track and ready to deliver some challenging yet entertaining cinema to the masses.

I should have some news on THE TAKING OF SAVANNAH soon.  It WILL see the light of day, just working on the details.

I have directed a segment of WORLD OF DEATH entitled THE MATCHMAKER and a segment of SLEEPLESS NIGHTS entitled NIGHT DRIVE.

Hopefully next month production will commence on a new feature length psychological thriller called THE ESTRANGED. REALLY excited about this!

Late 2015 or early 2016, THE SLEEPOVER, a disturbing short film inspired by true events should roll into production.

I am starting a script for a feature length horror/drama called ACCLIMATION, which will hopefully go into production in spring/summer 2016.

This winter I may have some new fiction available from macabre xtreme.

The download page has temporarily gone away, but I will soon have higher quality downloads of my first few films as well as streaming rentals available.  DIGITAL GRINDHOUSE ORIGINALS will soon no longer be available for free on youtube, but my curated Playlist of classic grindhouse,  drive in and sleaze cinema will still be available to stream free of charge on the DIGITAL GRINDHOUSE RETRO channel.

In short,  I’m back and have no plans of slowing down.

Hope to see you all at SLASH AND BASH and/or the next event.

Thanks for reading!


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